I just got home from 4 days in Acapulco, Mexico, where I attended the Anarchapulco conference. I did a main stage speech on Friday (30 minutes) about the nature of Liberty and I did a little Q&A panel on Sunday morning (over an hour) where myself and another young adult spoke about growing up with peaceful parenting and unschooling.

The main stage speech was informally recorded but the audio isn’t so great, so I am waiting for the official recording of it (where the Mic is tapped in) so that’ll be coming later.

The Peaceful Parenting/Unschooling Q&A was live recorded by another activist. Her phone died before the end, but she got most of it. We weren’t using mics, so it’s hard to hear some of it, sorry.

Here’s the Facebook link by Tarah Green, but in case she takes it down, I also saved it on YouTube.