Schrodinger’s PodCAT Episode 1

So, I’m an occasional host of a weekly podcast with several other awesome liberty activists. I’m not on every single week, but several, and I’ll be posting them on Thursdays (it comes out Wednesday nights) here.

Our first episode can be found here:

Best of 2016 Review: Voice & Exit

“I like to ask my fellow libertarians what we’d do if we “won” and we didn’t have to fight for liberty anymore – we’d achieved it. It’s a fun exercise to learn what people value when they can spend their energy on the things they love instead of fighting for the freedom to enjoy them. Voice & Exit skips the idea of “if you won” and says, “you’re alive — you don’t need permission to live in a post-political atmosphere — go make something. Go do something.””

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Millions Gather Across Nation for “Women’s March”

Okay, I’ve been a couple weeks late updating this site…

“Whether you believe banning things like gay marriage or abortion is “never gonna happen”, “might happen” or “definitely happening” — there’s a real fear out there about people’s rights, from people who don’t trust Donald Trump. Libertarians should get that – we don’t tend to trust government at all.

To know that millions of allies across the country came together to stand up against the potential threat, the fear that they share — it’s comforting to many people. To know that IF Trump and his administration, or the Republicans in the House or Senate, attempt to scale back the rights of people in this country, that millions of people are on guard against it. That they will fight against it, with votes, and calling their legislators, and marching in the streets.”

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Maybe It’s Not About Sexism or Racism: Maybe They’re Fed Up

“On Tuesday, 59 million people voted for Donald Trump and made him our President-elect.

Did they do it because they’re racist? They hate women? Immigrants? Free trade? Taxes? The Hollywood elite? The establishment?

Maybe. Maybe to all of that, or some of it.

Or maybe they hate the other 59 million people who voted for Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton voters overwhelmingly chalk up the election results to the fact that Trump voters are racist and sexist.

I think those Trump voters hate the Clinton voters not because they actually are racist or sexist, but because they’re constantly being told that they are.”

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