So, last year, at Anarchapulco 2018, my beloved Judd Weiss and I took photos for the event. I helped him with selecting choice shots from the thousands of photos he took, and sent him *my* small selection of fully edited shots to use in the album, but there were so many good shots in his collection that his album ended up just being his photos, and he encouraged me to post mine in my own album. You can find his here.

I didn’t post mine, as I was busy and his album really showcased the event. But now, we have one week until Anarchapulco 2019 and this year Judd will not be attending, and neither of us are photographing the event. But I realized I have a few gems in here I wanted to post.

I’ll be speaking exactly one week from today, on the main stage of Anarchapulco. At 4:15pm on Friday the 15th. I’m going to talk about freeing yourself from false dichotomies, and the “us or them” mentality. Just because you’re “woke” doesn’t mean aren’t vulnerable to snoozing. 😛

This will be my 4th Anarchapulco. There’s been a lot of change and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out. There’s a lot going on. There are speakers I’m not happy about, but I’m going to represent the alternative views, instead of filtering myself out from such conversations. There are friends of mine I see every year that are not attending this time – I will miss them tremendously. And just a week ago, my friend John was murdered in Acapulco. He and his wife Lily are people I’ve always loved seeing in Acapulco, and I’m devastated for her and for the loss of my friend. I know friends and family have been concerned about my safety – but I’ll be traveling with several people, I’ll be staying in the resort, and I will not be wandering the city of Acapulco. I will not let these things deter me from something I’ve enjoyed these last 3 years, and I hope there are some wonderful new memories this year.

I will have my camera with me, and I will shoot when inspired, or if you’d like a picture, please feel free to ask. I’m happy to get nice shots of my friends. I will probably post them after the conference with a voluntary option to donate. ❤

I hope I’ll be seeing you there, and if not, I hope you enjoy this glimpse of one of the most fun events I’ve experienced the last 3 years.

Link to album of photos on Facebook.

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