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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey there Avens. It’s me Jimmy, the bald headed rican you met at Ellis Island on wed. night. You are quite the interesting person! I hope to run into you again sometime.

  2. I have third new book out—Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Battle between the ‘Free Left’ and the ‘Statist Left’. I saw your podcast listed in the Libertarian Party’s Liberty Pledge newsletter and thought you might be interested in doing some type of podcast interview about my book.
    I can send you a copy of the book in whatever format you prefer. I can send over several one-page FACT Sheets that give an idea of the shocking material I have uncovered about the political spectrum. For instance, Hitler wearing a red armband, as an elected leader to the communist-run Bavarian Soviet Republic! Mussolini being a hard-core Marxist for decades, and for six of those years both an avowed Marxist and a Fascist! The political spectrum will never be the same after my information gets out. And with over 1,500 footnotes, all of my claims can be backed up by major historians and political scientists. I look forward to your call/email!
    –L.K. Samuels
    My Website: http://www.lksamuels.com/
    My Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._K._Samuels

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