ALS Friedman Conference: Photos!

I had an absolute blast this year at the 7th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference, co-hosted by the¬†World Taxpayers Associations and the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. I participated in two panels – one on the Drug War and another on Agorism. I also moderated a panel on the utilization of Social Media. Video of these panels will eventually be posted.

Besides the speeches, however, my focus was on capturing the attendees and moments of the conference. In 2017, I attended ALSFC with Judd Weiss, and we both spoke and photographed the event (the 2017 album can be found here). This year, Judd was busy with our company (Lit.Club), and so I came out solo.

Not only was the conference a blast (with daytime speeches, cocktail receptions in the evenings, a banquet, a yacht cruise in Sydney Harbor…) but there was also a bonus day the Monday after the conference where we got to do a Wildlife Walkabout and meet Koalas and Kangaroos as well as visit several wineries for wine tasting!

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What happened to “Yes, We Can”?

“A side note: if you find it hard to step outside whatever your hard-won, strongly-held political beliefs may be in order to perhaps attempt to sincerely understand your opponents’ points of view instead of just hopping to the assumption that Democrats seek to enslave through taxes and Republicans seek to start wars in countries with brown people so we can have their oil, perhaps you may find a level of discourse which is productive, intelligent and integritous.” Read more at Taste it Twice. Continue reading What happened to “Yes, We Can”?