Schrodinger’s PodCAT Episode 2

So, I’m an occasional host of a weekly podcast with several other awesome liberty activists. I’m not on every single week, but several, and I’ll be posting them on Thursdays (it comes out Wednesday nights) here. Our first episode can be found here:

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Nude Photo of Liberty Activist Leaked – Is It A Crime?

“So, here’s the deal everybody: If somebody sends you nude pictures, or intimate photographs of any variety, unless they explicitly tell you “HEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SHARE THESE WITH OTHER PEOPLE” they are for your eyes only and handing them to other people may not be an illegal act, but it’s sure as hell an immoral one. Sharing them with other parties makes you a terrible person. Don’t be a terrible person. You’re only making awful people decide there “ought to be a law” instead of showing that adults are capable of making free, moral decisions without the force of … Continue reading Nude Photo of Liberty Activist Leaked – Is It A Crime?

The Stefan Molyneux Files

Periodically I get asked for links to my work on Stefan Molyneux. I get tired of having to go find and reply with each of my pieces, so I’ve decided to compile the links here in one place, so you guys can find everything I say about the dude. Here’s the deal though: I have no hatred nor ill will towards the guy. I think he’s got a lot of issues, which I discuss in the following links. I’m not at “war” with him, I don’t care much about him, I’ve had a few things to say about him over … Continue reading The Stefan Molyneux Files