LibertyCon 2018 Photos

I was going through some of my old photos and realized I never published my photos from LibertyCon 2018. Judd and I both took photographs, I just never sent him mine or posted mine. I was originally taking photos to be a supplement to his album, so I didn’t take that many, but there were some gems in here I thought were worth sharing.

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Anarchapulco 2020 Photo Albums

This year was my 5th Anarchapulco, and my second speaking on the main stage. I’ve photographed every Anarchapulco I’ve attended, and it’s my hope to compile my photo collections (along with Judd’s) into a book to be sold at Anarchapulco next year: a 5 year retrospective.

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NH Liberty Forum 2020 Photos

I attended NH Liberty Forum this year – I gave a speech about activism through markets, was on a panel about Libertarian Feminism, and mostly just used the trip as an excuse to see my family and friends in New England (it was also my dad’s birthday)! I didn’t take a huge album of photos this year – but I got a couple great shots of people and wanted to share them. Photos include karaoke one night, the Quill, open mic with Dad, and generally hanging out with friends and family. Tag your friends, use your pics wherever you want.  🙂

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Burning Man 2019 Photos

I was at Burning Man for 5 days this year, camped at Esplanade & A (Honey Puddle). One of our neighbors was the incomparable Death Guild Thunderdome, and as in 2017, I took the vast majority of my photographs during two nights of fighting there. Shooting action shots with a manual focus is a really fun challenge. I have a very shallow depth of field and I shot wide open, so my photos are a little soft, but enjoy!

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