To Grammy…

“My last living grandparent died a year ago, on August 28, 2015. My father’s mother.

Constance Jacqueline Bouchard Erickson. We called her “Grammy”.She was 83. I don’t have a happy memory to share, really.

I last saw my Grammy when I was about eight or nine years old. I don’t remember much except the smell of cigarettes and particular sensations, like the feeling of the upholstery of her couch and the way her voice touched my ears.”

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University of Chicago Deemed “Safe Space” for Disagreement

Trigger Warning: This piece includes mention of free speech, disagreement, controversy and common sense.

Forgive the snarky opening complete with a trigger warning, but this week, the University of Chicago said something that has been on a lot of people’s minds: that higher education should be a place to meet ideas and perspectives at odds with one’s own, not a place to be coddled from them.

This week, John Ellison, Dean of Students at the University of Chicago, sent a welcome letter to the incoming Class of 2020 to inform them that of their commitment to academic freedom.”

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Terminally Ill Woman Throws Party Before Assisted Suicide

“The right to end one’s life is a profound and intimate consideration. There are some solid arguments in favor of making sure that those opting to end their lives are doing so for the “right reasons” and that they haven’t been pressured into ending things due to growing medical bills or “not wanting to be a burden” on family or community.

However, there are many individuals enduring immense suffering and excruciating pain, for whom things will not be getting better, and for whom death is a welcome end. For those, the right to painlessly end their suffering, to be under a doctor’s care and to plan out their goodbyes, assisted suicide laws are an act of compassion.”

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Why Libertarians Should Applaud the SCOTUS Ruling Against Texas Abortion Regulations

“I found this case particularly clear cut as a libertarian — this was an obvious case of over-regulation, which caused more than half of the clinics in Texas to close. If any other industry faced this sort of punitive regulation, conservatives would have been up in arms, but since it was the abortion industry, many were perfectly fine with the law.”

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Rest in Peace, Dr. Marc Allan Feldman, #ThatLibertarian

“The Libertarian movement learned this morning that Dr. Marc Allan Feldman has passed away. Details have not been released regarding his cause of death. He was 56.

Dr. Feldman was a candidate for the Libertarian presidential nomination this year. His campaign was one of the most inspirational in the field as a result of his sincerity, warmth, messaging, and his closing statement during the Libertarian National Convention’s final presidential debate.”

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In The Wake of Orlando: Gay Men Can’t Donate Blood

“The FDA may want to reconsider these standards, as many who wanted to donate were turned away due to presumptions about their lifestyle and risk. In the meantime, thank goodness the blood banks have so many people lining up to donate to the victims that they have to tell them to come back tomorrow. This is a good problem to have. I wish we had this problem more often.”

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