Anarchapulco & Liberty Photography

I am getting on a plane tonight to attend Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico. I’m bringing my Sony camera set up (lovingly gifted by Judd Weiss), and am the official photographer of the event (there will be a few of us taking pictures, but I’m committed to really capturing the entire event).

This is exciting for me, and I look forward to sharing the shots.

In the meantime, I wanted to link to the albums of work I’ve done for liberty events so far.

Click to see:

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The Avens-Approved Burning Man Supply List

Try To Remember The environment is kinda trying to kill you. You were not made for this. Take care of yourself. After Reno there is another town or two (Gerlach, Empire), but at this point 65,000 people are driving through around the same time & you want to make sure you have all your supplies before you leave Reno. You will not be able to buy stuff once you’ve passed the last town. Make sure you have all your supplies. You may be waiting in line for a while, as the traffic to get in is pretty crazy. You can … Continue reading The Avens-Approved Burning Man Supply List

7 Reasons Libertarians Should Check Out Voice & Exit

Co-founder Seth Blaustein states: “All of the greatest innovations and revolutions of thought have their genesis in the realm of “that’s not possible” or “that’s idealistic”. If we want to reckon with history, we have to look at the fringes to find the future. Sometimes we will find half-baked or even idiotic ideas, but amidst the noise there are gems. Our aim is to find them, shine a light on, and hopefully accelerate their legitimacy.“ Read the rest at The Libertarian Republic. Continue reading 7 Reasons Libertarians Should Check Out Voice & Exit