Try To Remember

  • The environment is kinda trying to kill you. You were not made for this. Take care of yourself.
  • After Reno there is another town or two (Gerlach, Empire), but at this point 65,000 people are driving through around the same time & you want to make sure you have all your supplies before you leave Reno. You will not be able to buy stuff once you’ve passed the last town. Make sure you have all your supplies.
  • You may be waiting in line for a while, as the traffic to get in is pretty crazy. You can find recommendations online about peak hours & stuff. I’ve gotten through the gates in less than an hour, I’ve also sat there for THIRTY hours (that’s pretty abnormal). Make sure some of your things are accessible from your seat in the car just in case.
  • Don’t ask strangers for drugs.
  • There are police on the Playa & sometimes they are undercover.
  • Do not give alcohol to minors.
  • Do not implicate your camp mates in crimes.
  • Do not give cops a reason to search your camp or your friends.

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