Freedom Fest & AnarchoVegas 2019

Since last year’s Freedom Fest photos took a year to get out, I figured I’d turn this set around in a month!

I had the pleasure of attending both Freedom Fest and AnarchoVegas in July. Unfortunately, I started getting sick at the beginning of the week – Freedom Fest started on Wednesday and I had panels on Friday and Saturday, but I spend a lot of time in my hotel room trying to medicate and rest and take care of myself, so I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted to.

I had the pleasure of speaking on several panels at Freedom Fest, and attending several others, including a great main stage speech and interview featuring Penn Jillette and Glenn Beck.

I’ve been attending Freedom Fest since 2012, and it’s one of my favorite liberty events of the year mostly because it feels like going home. Vegas is a really fun environment for a conference, and there are a lot of people I only get to see at that particular conference.

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Anarchapulco 2019 Photos / Story / Donation Info

This year was my 4th Anarchapulco. It was also my first in which I was a main stage speaker. The previous three Anarchpulcos, I have been one of the official photographers of the event – my photos can be found on my Facebook – 2018, 2017 (on Judd’s Facebook, I was his second shooter), 2016. If you saw my speech, you may have noticed I used photos of Anarchapulco (both from 2017 & 2018) from both Judd and myself (mostly him), as the background images in my presentation.

I love Anarchapulco. Every year has been a blast – lots of fun, good people, good energy, and a little bit of a vacation. I spend at least one day at the beach or the pool, skipping speeches and just enjoying the environment with mojitos and good conversation.

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Interview on Liberty Cap Talk Live November 2015

Was on Liberty Cap Talk Live with Todd A. Barnett and George Phillies. It starts at 3:49. Link for download and listen: Topics: Libertarian Party, LP Presidential Candidates, Austin Petersen, Gary Johnson, Ben Carson, How Libertarians Can Win Votes, Rand and Ron Paul, Anarchism, Police Brutality, Good Cops & Bad Cops. Continue reading Interview on Liberty Cap Talk Live November 2015

The Avens-Approved Burning Man Supply List

Try To Remember The environment is kinda trying to kill you. You were not made for this. Take care of yourself. After Reno there is another town or two (Gerlach, Empire), but at this point 65,000 people are driving through around the same time & you want to make sure you have all your supplies before you leave Reno. You will not be able to buy stuff once you’ve passed the last town. Make sure you have all your supplies. You may be waiting in line for a while, as the traffic to get in is pretty crazy. You can … Continue reading The Avens-Approved Burning Man Supply List

Why “Defunding” Planned Parenthood Isn’t As Libertarian As It Sounds

“Let’s be clear for a moment: I’m a libertarian, I don’t think the government should fund any corporate welfare, and that includes Planned Parenthood. If “defunding” actually saved the taxpayers money, it’d make sense to do it and I’d be happy to help. But government does, at the moment, and from a strictly consequentialist, incrementalist perspective, I recognize that taxpayers inevitably endure “common good” expenses. Unwanted or neglected children often end up being “taken care of” by the state, and families that have unplanned children may end up on services such as WIC, food stamps or other social safety net … Continue reading Why “Defunding” Planned Parenthood Isn’t As Libertarian As It Sounds

Nude Photo of Liberty Activist Leaked – Is It A Crime?

“So, here’s the deal everybody: If somebody sends you nude pictures, or intimate photographs of any variety, unless they explicitly tell you “HEY YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SHARE THESE WITH OTHER PEOPLE” they are for your eyes only and handing them to other people may not be an illegal act, but it’s sure as hell an immoral one. Sharing them with other parties makes you a terrible person. Don’t be a terrible person. You’re only making awful people decide there “ought to be a law” instead of showing that adults are capable of making free, moral decisions without the force of … Continue reading Nude Photo of Liberty Activist Leaked – Is It A Crime?