I made a Facebook post which was then referenced by Independent Political Report as news.

“Now – I will work to support any one of these potential candidates once they are nominated. But I’m rooting for the guy who actually seems to grasp liberty in a way the others don’t — who knows what it’s like to lose liberty, to fight a corrupt government and win, and what’s at stake in that fight – the innocents who suffer, property damages, beloved dogs killed by government agents. A man who stands up for sex workers’ rights with his former sex worker wife, with a powerful attitude of “Liberty is the concept that you own your mind and your body. You decide what you do with it, put into it…”

Yes. That’s essential. I love how he breaks it down because it is something he’s been living and breathing. It is instinct for him. I’m convinced, particularly in this year, that he’s the best candidate for the audience.”

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