“Conures have notorious personalities, and Ender was no exception. He had to be with me all of the time, constantly exploring whatever it was I was doing or cuddling on me or actively engaging in his surroundings. He was pretty quiet, especially compared to my Quakers, but he loved to make odd little noises and laugh at me. The only word I ever heard him say was “baby”.”

More at Taste it Twice.


3 thoughts on “Ender

  1. Oh, dear girl, my heart breaks for you. And I don’t feel any difference in your loss of Ender than I do in losing RacerX. It’s all pain. I wish I had solace for you. All I can offer is my love nd compassion and a place to hibernate if you wish. I love you and I m grateful to you for my Justice. I don’t think I would have had the courage to bring him home if I didn’t know you.

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