Twenty Thirteen

Sometimes truth is ugly, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it’s beautiful and funny, sometimes it’s hopeful, sometimes it’s hopeless. Truth doesn’t care about your feelings, it doesn’t try to soften the blow. You can’t improve the situation you exist in until you let truth take away all of your assumptions, all of your hesitations, buffers, and rationalizations. You can only make strong new realities by letting truth inform your current reality. Let it take away your crutches, let it wash away the things you’re afraid to do without. Then it will leave you, naked and raw and fearless, and you will spend the rest of your life pursuing it, becoming a vessel for it, and being one with it.”

More at Taste it Twice.



3 thoughts on “Twenty Thirteen

    1. I considered a paragraph for a particular partial “victory” but it’s not my story to tell and even with a vague reference, I don’t think I could do it justice.

      Thank you for sharing your year with me. ❤

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