Healing Energy Requested

“Nakoa is a dear nephew-by-love to me. He is kind and sweet, and there’s a seriousness to him sometimes (which implies an old soul to me) – but when he is overjoyed and laughing he does so with his whole being. This little boy couldn’t pronounce my name for the first few months he knew me and called me “Awesomes”.”

Read more at Taste it Twice.


9 thoughts on “Healing Energy Requested

  1. Sadly he passed today. This is making me type through tears. Nothing I have ever experienced could come close to the sadness that the entire family is going through now. May there be peace.

  2. My heart is broken for the loss of an innocent child. I have been watching the news and online intently waiting to hear what I had hoped would be good news.

    Nakoa will be missed by so many people. May his spirit always be a constant in the lives of all who knew him.

    Nameste and Love and Light

  3. That little angel is playing in Heaven…I’m so sad I can stop crying…Nakoa and his whole family are in my prayers…

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