To Nakoa Moonhawk

We lost Nakoa yesterday. He has moved on to the next great adventure of the cosmos. I am devastated. My heart aches and I beg that you all hold the Breitbachs and Estafens close in your heart as they process this loss. Just as I logged on to notify everyone on Facebook, I found that a dear friend had just given birth to a baby boy on the same day, and I remembered that the circle of life continues, heedless to our human emotions.

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3 thoughts on “To Nakoa Moonhawk

  1. My heart is broken for the loss of an innocent child. I have been watching the news and online intently waiting to hear what I had hoped would be good news.

    Nakoa will be missed by so many people. May his spirit always be a constant in the lives of all who knew him.

    Nameste and Love and Light

  2. My deepest sympathies to the parents, siblings and relatives of this beautiful little Indigo/Crystal child. Although we cannot totally understand why a pure and determined spirit like that in Nakoa would come into the earth plane for such a short time, we can learn from the impression he made on those he interacted with and touched. I did not know this little boy but was sent his picture by a friend who asked me what I “saw” and I said,
    “He is a little Indigo/Crystal. Very focused little boy, quite loving but can be very purposeful and stubborn. [He] Will one day be a very good spokesperson for what ever group he becomes associated with.”

    That is the energy pattern or Aura I see in his picture. Again, I send my heart felt sorrow for everyone’s loss, and send loving light of understanding and clarity of mind and heart to little Nakoa’s spirit.
    Rev. Lowell K. Smith

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