Featured photo is from 2015’s SantaCon.

I’m about to send out my holiday cards on Monday but I still have extra! I’ll be sending them out until probably Dec 21st.

If you’d like a holiday card, fill out the form here!
If you’ve filled one of these out before, PLEASE fill one out again. I don’t pull from previous lists, because I don’t know if people’s addresses changed year to year or if other circumstances have changed, and if I compiled all my lists from every year I’d have like 200 cards to send.

My mailing address for holiday cards, if you’d like to send me one, is
Avens O’Brien
2309 Santa Monica Blvd #207
Santa Monica CA 90404

You can just address it to me, but my partner’s name is Judd and our pets are Petrie & Justice (birds) and Abby (his cat) if you’re so inclined. I tend to celebrate the Winter Solstice & generic secular Christmas. I like Santa Claus, except for the part where people lie to kids.

If you’re feeling ultra-generous, I keep my wish list updated year-round on Amazon. The link is here.