I attended a short Burning Man this year – the event runs from Sunday until the following Monday (Labor Day), but I arrived around 1am Tuesday morning and left Thursday afternoon. I was camped with Red Nose District, right next to Death Guild Thunderdome, and took an awful lots of shots of the fights in the domes. Let’s just say that’s tricky with a manual lens.

My original 4300 photos became nearly 400 selected and edited. I made a lot of new friends this year (or got to know some people I only knew casually previously, better).

The entire album can be found on my Facebook page here. Scenes include Center Camp, Honey Puddle bar and piano scenes, Red Nose District, Thunderdome, the car crash outside the event, and my friends Wendy and David who hosted me on the way in and out of Burning Man when I stopped in Reno.

Camera equipment used:

Sony 6300
SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 Cine Mark II Lens E Mount