Male, Female, Black, White, Or Gay: It Doesn’t Matter Who Suffers Most. It Matters That We Empathize.

“To that end, I return to the beginning and the point: we are all protagonists of our own stories. We are all having profoundly individual experiences that will be difficult to quantify in terms of privileges or disadvantages. To a young boy being picked on for being homosexual, it doesn’t matter if gay marriage was just legalized — he’s fighting for his dignity against a bully. To a woman being followed home from a subway station late at night, it doesn’t matter if she is less likely to be a victim of random homicide — she’s hoping she doesn’t get raped. To a father who wants to see his children, it doesn’t matter that 6 out of 10 fathers who fight for custody get it — he’s hoping he doesn’t lose his children.”

Read more at The Libertarian Republic.


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