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AvensHeadshotPinkHair - 1Avens O’Brien
Speaker | Writer | Photographer
Los Angeles, CA | @avensobrien

To book: email me at applesobrien[AT]gmail.com
with the subject line SPEAKER: [Event]
include in the body: dates, event links, requested topics or other details that may be relevant


Avens O’Brien is a 2nd-generation libertarian activist based in Los Angeles. The product of peaceful parenting, non-traditional education, & family who campaigned for political office as Libertarians in New Hampshire in the 70s and 80s, Avens was Vice Chair of the LPNH from 2006-2008, & has volunteered on several liberty campaigns, including local races & presidential – Badnarik in 2004, Ron Paul in 2008, & McAfee in 2016.

From 2013-2014, she worked at Euro Pacific Capital for Peter Schiff, where she assisted in a bridge fundraising round of $3 million for a digital media advertising company, Thoughtful Media Group (TMG), & was then hired as the Financial Operations Manager of TMG in 2014 until 2016. During her time in the financial management team at TMG, the valuation of the company rose from $30M to $80M, & saw revenue increases of nearly 100% year over year. She continues her relationship with TMG as both an investor & consultant She spent 5 years working in the cannabis industry in Los Angeles as well.

Avens is currently Director of Development at Advanced Mycology, an LA-based company pioneering access to psilocybin through grow-your-own-mushroom kits for consumers. She does psychedelic research, education & advocacy through her brand @YourTripSister on Instagram and Tiktok.

She considers herself a “Facebook agitator”, has contributed articles to The Libertarian Republic, Thoughts on Liberty & has been featured in Reason Magazine in interviews & panels. She’s a chapter leader for Ladies of Liberty Alliance in Los Angeles. She is also on the Board of Directors of Feminists for Liberty. In 2013, she began taking photos beside her partner Judd Weiss at events & conferences, & has adopted his mission of helping make liberty look good, with thousands of photos at events to her credit. She’s a frequent guest of podcasts, conferences, & on panels discussing both online & offline liberty activism, feminism, psychedelics, millennials, Burning Man culture, & other hot topics. You can find her work at http://avens.me.

Popular Topics:

  • Feminism & Liberty | Women & Liberty | Millennials & Liberty
  • How To Talk About Liberty | Outreach
  • Ransberger Pivot Workshop
  • Marketing | Social Media
  • Growing Up Libertarian | 20+ Years of LP Activism
  • Homeschooling | Unschooling | Alt-Education
  • Burning Man | Social Experiments
  • “Vice” in Liberty (Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll)
  • Marijuana | Drug War | Criminal Justice Reform
  • Psychedelics | Drug Entrepreneurism | Taboos

Select past speeches:

  • Libertarian Party: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Optimistic – Mainstage, LPMN Convention, 2016
  • Women in Liberty Panel | How To Talk About Liberty Speech  – LNC, 2016
  • Sex Work & Liberty | Women in Liberty – Panels, PorcFest, 2017
  • You’re Not Fucking Us Up (Raising Liberty Kids) – Mainstage, PorcFest, 2017
  • Millennials & Liberty – Panel, Freedom Fest, 2017
  • Feminism & Liberty | Alternative Education Methods – Australian Libertarian Society, 2017
  • How To Talk About Liberty (w/ Naomi Brockwell) – Keynote, Australian Libertarian Society, 2017
  • Social Media & Liberty – LNC, 2018
  • Burning Man | MeToo Movement – Panels, Freedom Fest, 2018
  • Loving Liberty, Not Just Hating The Other Guy – Mainstage, Anarchapulco 2019
  • Agorism | Drug War | Social Media – Panels, Australian Libertarian Society, 2019
  • Feminism | Masculinity | Millennials – Panels, Freedom Fest 2019
  • Markets, Not Politics – Mainstage, AnarchoVegas 2019
  • We Are The Market – Mainstage, Anarchapulco 2020
  • We Are The Market – Mainstage, LibertyForum 2020
  • Feminism & Liberty – Panel, Freedom Fest 2021
  • Making Liberty Look Good – Mainstage, LPMN 2022
  • Making Liberty Look Good – Mainstage, LPTX 2022
  • Sex Work Decriminalization – Panel, Freedom Fest 2022
  • Abortion After Roe – Panel, Freedom Fest 2022
  • Taboo/Grey Markets – Panel, Freedom Fest 2022
  • Some of these and others available to view on YouTube
  • A more actively updated list can be found on LPedia.org

Services (included within the same fee):

  • Speeches, panels, Q&As, interviews and podcast participation, promotion of event among own audience.
  • Photographing event, publishing watermarked album within 3 months on personal Facebook (to increase attention from native audience) as well as copies of photos to organizers.
  • Headshots for attendees/organizers.

Standard Rates (as of 10/2019):

  • Travel expenses, on-site hotel, food, transportation (Lyft/Uber), incidental expenses AND
  • $350/day, $600/weekend, $1700/week OR
  • Reduced fees in exchange for social media support encouraging donations after publishing photos may be possible.

Some expenses may be able to be reduced through arrangements to pick up/drop off for flights, or share hotel room with other female speaker/attendee/friends or Judd Weiss (if he is also attending).

Included meals must accommodate a vegetarian option (lacto-ovo). For certain organizations, international travel, & other considerations, rates may be negotiable. If you wish to expedite photo editing/publication or have other special requests, please keep fee reduction negotiation to a minimum.

Speaking scheduling note: afternoons are generally preferable to mornings, but specifics can be discussed per the organization’s needs & preferences.

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