What’s The Problem With Trigger Warnings?

There may be a mercy involved in trigger warnings, but that mercy may be ill-informed. A life lived beyond post-traumatic stress disorder, one without triggers, one that’s gotten past trauma, is a life with far more autonomy and agency. It’s freedom. It’s not as simple as “get over it”, but the point is that your actions and behaviors after trauma, should help you do exactly that – get over it. Read more at The Libertarian Republic. Advertisements Continue reading What’s The Problem With Trigger Warnings?

The Formula For Wanting

“I often tell my friends that “I want” is a useless phrase to me. If I want something, I pursue it, and the phrasing I’ll use will reflect that. I’mworking towards something, I’m doing something. If I am not currently moving in a direction which is towards it, I don’t want it hard enough, in fact, I may not want it at all. Sure, there’s a part of me that would like to be a famous singer, or a model. I’m not pursuing either of those things, so I won’t tell you that I really want to be them. I … Continue reading The Formula For Wanting