Every Child Wanted, Every Parent Willing

I wrote a post on Facebook recently that I realized I meant to include here as well.

To be very clear:

I want every child to be wanted and loved.

I want people to not get pregnant unless they want to be.

I want birth control education and access to be prevalent.

I want people to enjoy healthy sex lives without unwanted pregnancy.

I want people to be careful with their birth control, and use Plan B if they think there’s a problem.

I want people to utilize pregnancy tests as soon as their periods are late, and know how to tell when there might be a problem.

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Men Should Be Able To Opt Out of Parenthood Too

“Ultimately, forced fatherhood has no place in a free society. I am profoundly grateful that, unless various activist groups get more laws passed to restrict my rights — which I’ll keep fighting — I will never be forced to be a parent against my will; it’s time to make sure that everybody can say the same.” Read more at The Libertarian Republic. Continue reading Men Should Be Able To Opt Out of Parenthood Too