Two of My Birdie Babies Are Looking for a Home!

Update as of June 13th! These two babies have a new home with my friend Sarah! They are happy and doing great!

For record keeping, I’m keeping the original post up.

Here’s the story:

For those who don’t know, in June of 2018 my female cinnamon green cheek conure (GCC) and my male yellow-sided GCC decided to lay some eggs. We got 2 babies from the clutch, and I co-raised them with their parents (so they aren’t exclusively hand-raised babies, their parents were very doting). Continue reading “Two of My Birdie Babies Are Looking for a Home!”


There & Back Again

“Now I’m sitting at the bench in the window of the store, eating a delicious vegetarian sandwich and drinking some organic root beer. ¬†Yesterday I chased around three small children (boyfriend’s nephews) for hours. ¬†My birds are up at the house, taunting the cats, learning the language of the birds of the Midwest. It’s a simple life right now.” Read more at Taste it Twice. Continue reading There & Back Again