Every Child Wanted, Every Parent Willing

I wrote a post on Facebook recently that I realized I meant to include here as well.

To be very clear:

I want every child to be wanted and loved.

I want people to not get pregnant unless they want to be.

I want birth control education and access to be prevalent.

I want people to enjoy healthy sex lives without unwanted pregnancy.

I want people to be careful with their birth control, and use Plan B if they think there’s a problem.

I want people to utilize pregnancy tests as soon as their periods are late, and know how to tell when there might be a problem.

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For the Love of Liberty: Do #BlackLivesMatter?

Video: Snippet of Transcript: You say, “YES, black lives matter, they absolutely matter, because all lives matter.” Look I get it, you want to make your point about individual rights, about the idea that no other race should be held over another. That’s fine. But that means including those who’ve felt excluded, not continuing to exclude them. That’s the entire concept of all lives matter. Right? Black lives matter. White lives matter. Everybody’s lives matter. This is a time of exceptional police brutality, and we have the opportunity to document it, share it and be exposed to the experiences of others. As more and … Continue reading For the Love of Liberty: Do #BlackLivesMatter?

Should We Really Crucify Someone If They’re Accidentally Racist?

“I’m so tired of racism. I’m tired of shitty racist people, and racist cops and a horribly racist legal system thatincarcerates a comparable number of black men as there were slaves. I’m also tired of hearing about the racism that isn’t apparent. The internalized, unintentional racism that apparently exists like original sin – it’s not our fault, we inherited it from our ancestors, but apparently we’re going to hell for it anyway.” Read more at The Libertarian Republic. Continue reading Should We Really Crucify Someone If They’re Accidentally Racist?