Two of My Birdie Babies Are Looking for a Home!

Update as of June 13th! These two babies have a new home with my friend Sarah! They are happy and doing great!

For record keeping, I’m keeping the original post up.

Here’s the story:

For those who don’t know, in June of 2018 my female cinnamon green cheek conure (GCC) and my male yellow-sided GCC decided to lay some eggs. We got 2 babies from the clutch, and I co-raised them with their parents (so they aren’t exclusively hand-raised babies, their parents were very doting). Continue reading “Two of My Birdie Babies Are Looking for a Home!”


The Context (Leading up to the Summer of 2011)

“So, I guess we’ll back up to July of 2010, when I flew from my home in Los Angeles to New York for an annual hippie festival I’d been attending for years. It was already set to be a wild adventure – I flew out with clothing, a sleeping bag and a pillow, but no tent. I had no room for one in my baggage and decided I knew so many people at the festival that I would find someone to let me share their tent. It was a crazy idea, I’ll admit, but I love those kinds of situations. … Continue reading The Context (Leading up to the Summer of 2011)

Autumnal Equinox

“In May of 2010 I moved into a beautiful two-thousand square foot, two-story loft apartment with two other beautiful girls one block from the Pacific Ocean. From our roof we could see the water. From our windows (which we left open all summer – no need for air conditioning) we could feel the sea breeze and fall asleep to the sound of the waves hitting the sand. Our back porch overlooked the Venice canals, and properly, we lived on the Marina peninsula.” Musing on weather over at Taste it Twice. Continue reading Autumnal Equinox