Anarchapulco 2019 Photos / Story / Donation Info

This year was my 4th Anarchapulco. It was also my first in which I was a main stage speaker. The previous three Anarchpulcos, I have been one of the official photographers of the event – my photos can be found on my Facebook – 2018, 2017 (on Judd’s Facebook, I was his second shooter), 2016. If you saw my speech, you may have noticed I used photos of Anarchapulco (both from 2017 & 2018) from both Judd and myself (mostly him), as the background images in my presentation.

I love Anarchapulco. Every year has been a blast – lots of fun, good people, good energy, and a little bit of a vacation. I spend at least one day at the beach or the pool, skipping speeches and just enjoying the environment with mojitos and good conversation.

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The Libertarian Conference Improvement List

Inspired by a single post on Facebook, I’ve decided to make this the running list of improvements I think every libertarian conference should make. Note: Some conferences do these things already. These things may apply to non-libertarian conferences. I know there’s a lot to be thinking about when putting together a conference, and this is not an inclusive list – it is simply something I notice lacking in some conferences because I’m lucky enough to attend over a dozen every year. 1. Double-sided badges. If you’ve got people’s names in a clear envelope on a lanyard, please make it double-sided. … Continue reading The Libertarian Conference Improvement List

Johnson-Weld is Not a Perfect Ticket, But I’m Still Supporting the Libertarian Party

“On Sunday, the Libertarian Party selected its ticket. Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee, and Governor William Weld as their vice presidential nominee. I was there, and yes, I was on a different “team.” I watched both win on the second ballot, but not by large margins. Johnson only won 55% of the 928 votes, and Weld only 50.5%. Weld won because Johnson pretty much begged us to nominate him. This was not a mandate. This was what appeared to be a begrudging majority. I didn’t vote for either candidate and I’m not going to pretend I’m thrilled with the … Continue reading Johnson-Weld is Not a Perfect Ticket, But I’m Still Supporting the Libertarian Party

Interview on Liberty Cap Talk Live November 2015

Was on Liberty Cap Talk Live with Todd A. Barnett and George Phillies. It starts at 3:49. Link for download and listen: Topics: Libertarian Party, LP Presidential Candidates, Austin Petersen, Gary Johnson, Ben Carson, How Libertarians Can Win Votes, Rand and Ron Paul, Anarchism, Police Brutality, Good Cops & Bad Cops. Continue reading Interview on Liberty Cap Talk Live November 2015