The 10 Most Common Types of Libertarian

“So there you have your ten most common types of libertarian. Let me note that I know people in each of these categories (and many who fit numerous ones) and I love them. I’m at least half of them, and that’s okay. We’re a wild bunch of individuals. We are a movement of intellectuals and activists, of content creators and debaters, a movement that in-fights more than it ought to, but it’s only because we’re the ones courageous enough to speak up when we see something we sincerely believe is wrong – that’s why we’re all here, speaking out against … Continue reading The 10 Most Common Types of Libertarian

The Bear & The Bird Go Separate Ways

Odd to put this on my blog list without a story over at Taste it Twice, but I’m realizing it’s been over a month and I should mention this somewhere, since I keep referring to it occasionally, and if I wait much longer it’ll look like I’m lingering on something, while my life moves on.

Judd and I decided to end our relationship in the beginning of February. After two and a half years, we decided we would be happier pursuing our goals in life separately at this time.

We each prepared public statements which we released on February 5th, I’m copying & pasting them below. I’ll link to the original posts as well.  This way I have one place I can link people to when they want to know what happened.

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