Works, Words and Other Random Stuff


I was recently told in a very critical email that I’m a “narcissist who only posts pictures of herself”, referring to my Facebook feed. I hope that’s not all I post, but since it’s already perceived, who am I to diminish some self-exposition?

I’ve worked with amateur hobby, student and professional artists as a model and a muse. I’ve done more modeling for art photography than anything else, but I’ve also posed for sculptors and hand-drawing.

Here are a few albums of Modeling work I’ve done. Click on the photo to get to the album.

Photo by Peter Paradise
Album of work with Peter Paradise Michaels.

Also, see this post about Baring More with Peter Paradise.

An album of my work with Judd Weiss.
Photo by Mantispid Photography
Album of work by other photographers.
This photo by Mantispid.

Here’s a link to myInstagram album, that’s pictures taken by me, occasionally of me but often of my birds, food or other random things you probably wouldn’t care about:

Ender pants!
Click for Instagram Album.

Here’s a link to my album from Burning Man.

Photos from Burning Man
Click to see my Burning Man photo album.

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