The Libertarian Party: The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Optimistic

I spoke at the State Convention for the LP Minnesota on Saturday. I talked about growing up Libertarian, my activism, and why I left the party and why I have enough faith to rejoin it again. “This Libertarian Moment isn’t nearly over, it’s literally just started. We need to remember always to look at our wins, and to own them as a movement. We need to build coalitions with one another, to not judge our success by our number of elected officials by the LP, but by our ability to change the hearts and minds of the population so they … Continue reading The Libertarian Party: The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Optimistic

See Me

“There will always be people who observe me as an object. ” “I will use the assets and skills and privileges I have to highlight that which I care about, because I can. It doesn’t make any of those assets or privileges or skills the most important thing about me or the most valuable. I don’t think any one single thing about a person defines their value. I think people are beautifully complex and their unique measurement of all their qualities makes them who they are.” Read more at Taste it Twice. Continue reading See Me

Ladybit Coin

  Step one: Make a cryptocurrency called “ladybitcoin”. Step two: Sell to feminists to get them into Cryptocurrency. “Stop equating pussy with negativity! Equate it with unregulated freedom!” Step three: Sell to men as: “finally, some ladybits you can truly own…” * Step four: Get yelled at for objectifying vaginas. Step five: Profit.   *points for people who got the reference. Continue reading Ladybit Coin