The Context (Leading up to the Summer of 2011)

“So, I guess we’ll back up to July of 2010, when I flew from my home in Los Angeles to New York for an annual hippie festival I’d been attending for years. It was already set to be a wild adventure – I flew out with clothing, a sleeping bag and a pillow, but no tent. I had no room for one in my baggage and decided I knew so many people at the festival that I would find someone to let me share their tent. It was a crazy idea, I’ll admit, but I love those kinds of situations. … Continue reading The Context (Leading up to the Summer of 2011)

The Place in My Heart for San Francisco

“I found that San Francisco reminded me of Boston. It was a strange thing to discover, but truly, there was something oddly familiar about the landscape. It was also colder than I expected, and foggier, and though the weather is certainly preferable to Boston, it had that same gloominess on occasion that I found unpleasant.” More at Taste it Twice. Continue reading The Place in My Heart for San Francisco

Burning Man (Pre)

I’m leaving for Burning Man in less than 12 hours. A large trailer is filled with my belongings – from camping gear to food to things with which to make art and costumes with which to be art. It’s actually my first Burn. I’ve spent a large portion of my life, both as child and adult, going to festivals around the country – nudism, art, yoga, neo-paganism, psychedelics, electronic music, fire-spinning, hippie drum circles – none of this is new to me. 50,000 people practicing leave-no-trace radical self-reliance in the desert? That part’s new. I’ve been partying with Burners forever. … Continue reading Burning Man (Pre)

Mid-West Wandering

“The house I’m staying in is set up on a bluff overlooking the city.  If I bothered to wake up early enough, I could sit on the front steps and watch the sun rise in the East over the Mississippi River.  From this vantage point I can see Illinois and Wisconsin.  At night, the same view is littered with blinking and stationary lights – alerting boats and aircraft alike to the position of the bridges.” Read more at Taste it Twice. Continue reading Mid-West Wandering

There & Back Again

“Now I’m sitting at the bench in the window of the store, eating a delicious vegetarian sandwich and drinking some organic root beer.  Yesterday I chased around three small children (boyfriend’s nephews) for hours.  My birds are up at the house, taunting the cats, learning the language of the birds of the Midwest. It’s a simple life right now.” Read more at Taste it Twice. Continue reading There & Back Again