Libertarian Presidential Team McAfee / Weiss Releases First Video Promo

According the Weiss, “This 1st video shows what I’m bringing to this campaign. The 2nd video planned brings more focus to John Mcafee. Both videos show what the liberty movement brings to the world, in different ways. The 3rd video planned is an entirely different experience.” See the video at The Libertarian Republic. Continue reading Libertarian Presidential Team McAfee / Weiss Releases First Video Promo

Anarchapulco & Liberty Photography

I am getting on a plane tonight to attend Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico. I’m bringing my Sony camera set up (lovingly gifted by Judd Weiss), and am the official photographer of the event (there will be a few of us taking pictures, but I’m committed to really capturing the entire event).

This is exciting for me, and I look forward to sharing the shots.

In the meantime, I wanted to link to the albums of work I’ve done for liberty events so far.

Click to see:

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See Me

“There will always be people who observe me as an object. ” “I will use the assets and skills and privileges I have to highlight that which I care about, because I can. It doesn’t make any of those assets or privileges or skills the most important thing about me or the most valuable. I don’t think any one single thing about a person defines their value. I think people are beautifully complex and their unique measurement of all their qualities makes them who they are.” Read more at Taste it Twice. Continue reading See Me