Schrodinger’s PodCAT Episode #5

So, I’m an occasional host of a weekly podcast with several other awesome liberty activists. I’m not on every single week, but several, and I’ll be posting them. Our fourth episode can be found here:

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Best of 2016 Review: Voice & Exit

“I like to ask my fellow libertarians what we’d do if we “won” and we didn’t have to fight for liberty anymore – we’d achieved it. It’s a fun exercise to learn what people value when they can spend their energy on the things they love instead of fighting for the freedom to enjoy them. Voice & Exit skips the idea of “if you won” and says, “you’re alive — you don’t need permission to live in a post-political atmosphere — go make something. Go do something.”” Read more at The Libertarian Republic. Continue reading Best of 2016 Review: Voice & Exit

Childhood & Self-Ownership: Is There A Libertarian Way to Parent?

“I don’t want to say that there’s One True Libertarian parenting style. I’m not even a parent, so plenty of people think I’m disqualified from having an opinion, despite the fact that I have been a child and well aware of my own mind, desires, and agency. I’ve also been a nanny to an incredibly self-possessed child I am honored to still influence as she grows. But I am a libertarian, and I do think that the way I was raised makes my understanding of the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression tremendously engrained in how I reflect on the world, … Continue reading Childhood & Self-Ownership: Is There A Libertarian Way to Parent?