Back in February, I got a request from the Libertarian Party of Texas to photograph their April convention in McAllen, TX. I agreed, then Covid-19 hit and they had to postpone. In June, they asked me if I could come August 1st for their convention in McAllen TX. I said yes. I bought my plane ticket, and then 2 weeks before the convention, the city of McAllen cancelled their convention. I cancelled my plane ticket. Then eight days before the convention, they asked if I might be willing to photograph AND be the Gala’s featured speaker at their convention still on August 1st, in Big Spring, TX. I asked if Big Spring was close to McAllen. It’s not. It’s like eight hours away.

Anyway, I got my plane ticket, hotel room, arranged a ride, and headed to Big Spring, TX (by way of Austin).

I had a great time. Their convention was smaller than usual – Texas usually does things big, but due to Covid-19 they included online participation, and I want to say just over 100 people showed up for the in-person version. Everyone was so kind, and welcomed me with the enthusiasm I’ve come to expect from LP Texas. LP Texas is definitely one of the warmest LP affiliates I’ve had the pleasure to visit. They’re all wonderful, but TX matches their enthusiasm with donations, drinks, and so much kindness. It’s such a pleasure to visit them. My speech was well-received as well, and if they get around to publishing a copy here, I’ll share it.

Anyway, here is my album from the event hosted on Facebook.

There was a 1920s prohibition/flapper themed Gala dinner, and several different social events along with their business meeting.

As I said in my speech at the Gala: LP Texas has been one of the most consistently generous state parties in my experience. As many of you know, this isn’t a pro-paid gig for me, in many cases I do photography for just expenses paid. LP Texas actually paid me beyond the costs to fly me out and house me. They’ve been absolutely generous, AND on top of that many of their members have ALREADY donated money before the photos were even published.

Additional donations are not needed, but are always welcomed, as they always help contribute towards my activism and efforts within the libertarian movement.

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Any amount is appreciated. Some people donate $10, $50, others have donated $200 or more.  The average donation is usually somewhere around $30, and not everybody donates – that’s okay! The idea is you get these photos, and if you can, contribute towards it, but I’m not here to make it harder for you to look good. My mission is to make liberty look good, and I don’t want you to miss out because you can’t afford to pay for pro headshots! If you need high-res shots without watermark, PLEASE email me to request them. Sending me which shots you want from the album in unwatermarked/high-res form is helpful so I can find them/you easier. My email for photo requests is applesobrienATgmailDOTcom. You know what to do with the AT and DOT.


Message me directly if you don’t like a photo of yourself and want it taken down. Please tag your friends!

Feel free to use these photos anywhere, as profile pictures, as headshots, whatever you want. You don’t need to ask, though credit/tags is always appreciated if appropriate to the context.

For those camera-inclined who want to know what I shot with: it was a Sony a7s with a Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm 0.95 Full Frame Manual Focus Lens.

Peace, love & liberty,