From July 8-12th I was in Orlando for the in-person sitting of the Libertarian National Convention of 2020. In the time of Covid-19, it was a very strange experience to be traveling, but I had a great time.

The albums are hosted on Facebook and can be found here:

LNC 2020 Orlando Album Part 1

LNC 2020 Orlando Album Part 2

Here’s various notes and things about this album that I’d appreciate you reading, but I know you just want the photos. 😉

Regarding safety & health concerns:

Many people kept distance, and lots of precautions were taken, hand-sanitizer was distributed, the hotel did temperature checks daily, and everyone had a mask. Not everyone wore their mask at all moments, and some took them off for photos – so as you see these photos know that some people opted to temporarily remove masks, and you shouldn’t assume one way or another that they weren’t wearing them most of the time or that they were.


There are many great moments here – it was sad to miss so many of my fellow Libertarians who either could not or would not (understandably) come out to the convention, but we passed online participation, and so everyone was able to make their voices heard on the important convention business. I look forward to Sparks 2022 when hopefully things are back to “normal” and more of us are there. As it was, I want to say there were approximately 350 people in person, and the convention oversight committee did an amazing job. Not to mention ALEX MERCED, the Vice Chair who ended up chairing pretty much the entire convention, and endured enormous amounts of stress and emotional strain. We love you so much Alex! There are a few adorable shots of people hugging him at the end of the convention.

The fact is, in person, a lot of us are able to let go of the tensions that exist in online interactions. I really value the moments where we handshake or hug out our differences, talk over a drink, and general remind ourselves that there are human beings behind the screens. It’s good for us to see each other in this context, and I’m grateful for it every two years.

A note on photo organization:

These photos are not all in chronological order, though some are. I select some to go at the top of the album based on either sentimentality or quality, and then move things around to change things up, but parts of it are chronological (and the latter half of the album generally is semi-chronological) – so I recommend looking at ALL the shots to find yours. PLEASE tag your friends, as I don’t know everybody and don’t necessarily have everybody connected on FB.

A note on donations:

One picture I don’t have in here is Nick Sarwark pinning my Lifetime Membership pin on me. I DO however have a fun picture someone took with my camera of me RE-PINNING Nick’s Lifetime Membership pin on him, since he’d given me his, I gave him back one. There are screenshots of the Livestream of the original moment.

For those who don’t know: the LNC does not pay me to come out and take photos, as I am a delegate and that would not be appropriate. Individual LP members donate, and that money goes to covering my expenses to come to the convention, covering my flight, hotel costs, and the literal weeks of editing time it takes to produce this album. The other thing it covers is my support of this party: because of donors from 2018’s album, I was able to afford to buy a Lifetime Membership. This is profound to me, to be able to put back into the party some of what I’ve received from the incredible membership of this party.

Many people have ALREADY donated for their photos, and their generosity is appreciated. If you would like to donate, know that I accept payment in the following forms:

Venmo @Avens

Paypal is

My Bitcoin address:  1Ht8EqhmMmdksgXfY3W7tarfYf1w9iuyPU

Any amount is appreciated. Some people donate $10, $50, others have donated $200 or more.  The average donation is usually somewhere around $30, and not everybody donates – that’s okay! The idea is you get these photos, and if you can, contribute towards it, but I’m not here to make it harder for you to look good. My mission is to make liberty look good, and I don’t want you to miss out because you can’t afford to pay for pro headshots! If you need high-res shots without watermark, PLEASE email me to request them. Sending me which shots you want from the album in unwatermarked/high-res form is helpful so I can find them/you easier. My email for photo requests is applesobrienATgmailDOTcom. You know what to do with the AT and DOT.

This party is not my whole life, but it’s been in my life my whole life. I am a lifelong and lifetime member. This party is my family, and I love you all. One of the reasons I don’t do officer endorsements is because I am going to work with the Chair and Vice Chair and everybody else regardless of faction, regardless of personality differences, to make this party the best it can be.

We have our incredible Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen! There’s also lots of shots of them (if you need other, high-res or unwatermarked shots of them, I have an entire folder of images for the party to use, so please feel free to ask me).

To learn more about them, visit

Let’s go out there and bring liberty to the people, okay? Love you.


Message me directly if you don’t like a photo of yourself and want it taken down.

Feel free to use these photos anywhere, as profile pictures, as headshots, whatever you want. You don’t need to ask, though credit/tags is always appreciated if appropriate to the context.

For those camera-inclined who want to know what I shot with: it was a Sony a7s with a Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm 0.95 Full Frame Manual Focus Lens.

Peace, love & liberty,

Avens ❤