As I prepare for the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando, I’d like to remind delegates (and alternates) that I *will* be taking photos throughout the convention. I arrive Wednesday evening and leave Monday very early in the morning.

I will be at or near the Pro-Choice Libertarians booth for much of non-business hours, as well as doing donation-for-pics with Dulap Nelson at the Dulap Nelson for LNC Chair
booth with Resa Willis. Dulap pics should donate money for the homeless, ask Resa for more information.

I will also be wandering the hall regularly for photo opportunities especially during business. I will respect your personal space preferences, but I do not have a zoom lens (I work in prime only – I zoom with my feet) so I have to get close enough for a portrait.

I do not charge for my photography at the convention, however, my attendance is generally made possible by donations from attendees who like their photos. Some donate immediately (I’ve been handed cash, transferred Paypal or Bitcoin or Venmo) and some donate after the pictures come out. Either is fine.

Donations are not required, but make my work a LOT easier and less stressful. I’ve gotten donations anywhere from $5 to $200 at different times. Usually people donate between $10-$50. I am not paid to attend the National Convention, as I am also a delegate, so donations offset the expense AND my hours of time editing down the average of 8000 photos I take to approximately 1000 final edited images.

The photos are generally released within a month of the conference. If you donate more, you can receive:

  • higher resolution shots
  • unwatermarked shots
  • pictures quickly edited and emailed out to you
  • specific shots

If you are running for office or considering running for office, PLEASE tell me. I generally shoot in black and white while in hotels and convention halls because the lighting and color in there is terrible (and color takes longer to edit), but I want to make sure to get color shots of candidates to use in their campaign materials. If you want several poses/outfits, outdoor shots or anything else, check in with me and donate a bit for my extra time.

I will give you my business card when I take your picture. You can email me for specific requests, or follow on FB to see the album when it’s released.

If I am on the floor, you are almost NEVER bothering me by asking for a photo. If I’m busy for some other reason (like proposing a bylaw amendment) then I will tell you, but do not worry that I don’t want to take your picture – I want to take EVERYONE’s picture, and yes, that means you too.

If you have any questions, ask ’em in the comments, or message me.
I look forward to seeing you there, and I’ll miss those of you who can’t make it to Orlando.

Donations: Venmo @Avens, Paypal is

My Bitcoin address:  1Ht8EqhmMmdksgXfY3W7tarfYf1w9iuyPU