I was going through some of my old photos and realized I never published my photos from LibertyCon 2018. Judd and I both took photographs, I just never sent him mine or posted mine. I was originally taking photos to be a supplement to his album, so I didn’t take that many, but there were some gems in here I thought were worth sharing.

In the wake of Covid-19, LibertyCon 2020 was cancelled, and this weekend I would have been in DC seeing my wonderful friends there, but we are all at home and apart. So here’s a long lost album to bring us back together. I hope to see you at 2021 LibertyCon!

Album Link on Facebook: LIBERTYCON 2018


LibertyCon was kind enough to provide us a hotel room, but I was not paid for shooting the event.

If you happen to to like my photos and wish to voluntarily donate towards my work, I am always appreciative of such a thing.

No donation is required, and with or without one, you can feel free to use these photos for publications, for personal headshots, LinkedIn profiles, Tinder, whatever you want. I like getting credit for them if possible, but what’s most important to me is you looking good!

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If you need something unwatermarked and/or larger for printing, please private message me either on Facebook or email (applesDOTobrienATgmailDOTcom) and I’ll get you them. I request voluntary payment in return for that – the amount is what’s open to your interpretation, but something for the effort.

Thank you for being a model or a viewer as I continue the mission to try to make Liberty Look Good. And donations or not, please check out the albums – there’s gold throughout them!

For those camera-inclined who want to know what I shot with: it was a Sony a7s with a Zhongyi Speedmaster 50mm 0.95 Full Frame Manual Focus Lens.

Lastly, tag your friends, and share the album whenever you wish. I look forward to seeing many of these faces again at LibertyCon 2021!