I had an absolute blast this year at the 7th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference, co-hosted by the World Taxpayers Associations and the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. I participated in two panels – one on the Drug War and another on Agorism. I also moderated a panel on the utilization of Social Media. Video of these panels will eventually be posted.

Besides the speeches, however, my focus was on capturing the attendees and moments of the conference. In 2017, I attended ALSFC with Judd Weiss, and we both spoke and photographed the event (the 2017 album can be found here). This year, Judd was busy with our company (Lit.Club), and so I came out solo.

Not only was the conference a blast (with daytime speeches, cocktail receptions in the evenings, a banquet, a yacht cruise in Sydney Harbor…) but there was also a bonus day the Monday after the conference where we got to do a Wildlife Walkabout and meet Koalas and Kangaroos as well as visit several wineries for wine tasting!

I had to break this into two albums (both posted on Facebook). I originally took 6800 photographs, and got my complete edited total down to 1100, but Facebook limits album totals to 1000 photos, so one album is primarily portraits and things, and the second album is primarily group shots, crowd shots, and things like that. I primarily prefer portraits, but I know there are people in the crowd that didn’t get solo shots, and I want to make sure as many people were included as possible.

One of the most interesting points brought up numerous times by the organizers of ASLFC was the fact that the Friedman Conference isn’t named for Milton Friedman, though everyone assumes it is.  It’s named for the Friedman family, which has expressed multiple “kinds” of libertarian ideas. From the more pragmatic economic approaches of Milton and Rose, or the anarchism of David, to the “build cities on the sea” vision of Patri. The whole conference is about the different kinds of libertarianism within one family, one community, one larger-tent philosophy, and that was very much conveyed multiple times this year, between the speakers and topics, and the organizers articulating that vision.

The albums can be found on Facebook at the following links:

ALSFC 2019 (Main Album)

ALSFC 2019 (Extra Photos, Group Shots, Crowds & Conversations)

Finally, I want to thank Tim Andrews and John Temujin Humphreys for inviting me to speak and photograph.

I did not charge them for my photography this year, as I was grateful to have the opportunity to travel for this conference. Besides the week I took off of my work to shoot, I’ve spent most evenings this month selecting, editing and curating this album to be ready in under 5 weeks (which is not an easy task!).

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