I wrote a post on Facebook recently that I realized I meant to include here as well.

To be very clear:

I want every child to be wanted and loved.

I want people to not get pregnant unless they want to be.

I want birth control education and access to be prevalent.

I want people to enjoy healthy sex lives without unwanted pregnancy.

I want people to be careful with their birth control, and use Plan B if they think there’s a problem.

I want people to utilize pregnancy tests as soon as their periods are late, and know how to tell when there might be a problem.

I want people who WANT babies even unexpectedly to be able to find non-judgmental help and support for bringing a wanted child into this world so they don’t feel pressured into abortions or adoptions.

I want people who are selfless enough to carry an unwanted pregnancy and give it up for adoption to find support and care for themselves and a loving home for their child.

I want people who DON’T WANT to be pregnant or have babies (ever *or* yet) who find themselves pregnant due to failures of prevention (or goodness forbid, rape) to be able to have quick access to information AND abortion services.

I want people who don’t want to endure a pregnancy or birth to be able to have an abortion as early within their pregnancies as they are able.

I want to get rid of various regulations and inflated costs which increase the price of abortion and cause delays in people getting abortions as early as possible.

I want to help privately fund organizations to pay for abortion services so that people who can’t afford them can get them when needed, but the government isn’t involved.

I want to reduce the percentage of elective abortions happening after 12 weeks (to be clear, 90% of abortions happen in the first 12 weeks already, I’d love to see that percentage even higher) to reduce 1. costs 2. health problems/risks 3. moral issues as it moves closer to viability.

I want miscarriages to be treated with whatever procedures need to happen, and to not be investigated by the state for cause or blame.

I want to feel confident that anyone who has any health or medical need for themselves or for the embryo/fetus/baby (depending on the stage) that their doctors are equipped to provide whatever services they need without having to go to the court and trying to get permission, no matter how far along in pregnancy.

I want to know that pregnant individuals are able to make decisions with the advice of their doctors and whomever they wish to include in the matter without the interference of a government.

I want to make sure that non-pregnant partners who do not consent to parenthood are able to sign away their rights and responsibilities to the potential child quickly enough that the pregnant partner can opt to have an abortion or choose adoption or otherwise prepare for a parenthood without a partner.

I want to support people who wish to adopt, to bring a child into their lives whether their choice to do so is because they can’t conceive otherwise or because they simply wish to open their homes and hearts to others, and that their sexual orientation has nothing to do with the determination of their ability to be a parent.

I want people who seriously wish to get preventative surgical procedures such as tubal litigation or vasectomies or other sterilization to be able to get it without doctors refusing because they’re under 30 or haven’t had children or “what if you change your mind?”.

I want every person who becomes a parent to do so willingly. I want every child to be wanted and loved. I want less unplanned pregnancies. I want less need for abortion. I want more families, more love, more hope.

I am pro-woman, pro-man, pro-child.

I am pro-family.

I am pro-individual.

I am pro-choice.

* * *

The Facebook post, complete with comments and updates can be found here.