I just returned from an eight day trip to Australia where I photographed the Friedman Conference, Australia’s big liberty event!  I also gave two speeches on two panels and moderated one!

I took 6600 photographs, and will be working for basically most of June in order to curate and select and edit all those photos into an album which I will send to the conference organizers as well as post on Facebook.

I handed a lot of people my card, and chances are they end up here when they follow the website address and links, so I’m making this post so you know what’s up. I expect to publish before the end of June, and I’ll be making a post here on this website when I do.

If you click the “About Me” or “Contact” pages, you should find a subscribe button. You’ll receive an email update when the photos are up.

Also, it was a blast and I got to pet a koala.