This blog is generally for me to post stuff I’ve done – albums of photos, articles, interviews, etc. But occasionally I post articles or things that feature/mention me.

I was remembering a song my best friend (playfully referred to on Facebook as my “wifey”) Kat wrote about me 6 years ago, that I listen to periodically, and realizing it’s kind of a piece of me that I’d like to have up on my own site (mostly to brag about how amazing Kat is) so that others can hear it. Kat has been my best friend since we were 6 years old (24 years and counting). Soon after writing this, Kat emailed me and asked me for a copy of my first name as a signature, and got it tattooed on their wrist. ❤

You can find Kat’s music on Facebook and some older stuff on YouTube.