I took a lot of photos at Freedom Fest 2018, so that album should be out in August, but I also released the Freedom Fest 2017 photos last week on the first day of FF ’18.

This album is a collaborative of photos by Judd Weiss & myself. Description and link below.

Freedom Fest 2017

“I’m literally posting these 1 year late! Bless you all for your patience!

Please tag your friends. Facebook is doing the creepy tag thing where it recognizes faces (and sometimes does that wrong) so please go through and look for your shots!

Both Judd and I were scheduled to speak at FF 2017 and attended, but on the side were very busy working on remote projects. As a result, we got way less photos than we usually do, and neither of us had a huge number of photos at the end to make a complete album. I asked Judd Weiss if he wanted me to go through and edit his shots and do a combination album. He agreed. This album is half my photos, and half Judd photos. All my editing. I tried to mix them up a bit, but most of his are towards the end and most of mine are towards the beginning. I think his shots are better than mine, so make sure to sift through and find the diamonds! This is probably my least well-organized album in terms of quality, and I feel like it gets better towards the end. Please check the whole thing out.

So this is a snippet of Freedom Fest 2017. It was a blast, and it flew by – William Shatner gave a keynote!

In honor of Freedom Fest 2018, which we are driving to tonight, I wanted to post our highlights and memorable shots.

Freedom Fest is where Judd and I officially met for the first time SIX years ago now, and so it’s a very special week for us. Some of my favorite memories are from Freedom Fests the past 6 years.

We did not charge Freedom Fest for this album, IF you want to contribute a tip for your headshot, I’m totally grateful for it (and will share proceeds with Judd). If not, your good will is always appreciated, and feel free to use these shots for your profiles, or in any other context you wish.

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Freedom Fest 2017