Libertarian National Convention 2018 Update

Hey there –

I realize that a lot of new subscribers/readers might have just shown up as a result of meeting me at the Libertarian National Convention.

I took 7,000 photos at the Convention, and my intention is to publish an album by the end of the month on Facebook. I will also give the photos to the Libertarian Party for their own use.

I will make a post when they’re up, so make sure to subscribe. 😉

People have asked about donations. I don’t expect anyone to donate until they see their final shots, and nobody is obligated to donate at all, though I’d appreciate it – it helps fund my liberty travel!

My Paypal:


You can find a few shots on my Instagram already:

And you can always support me on Patreon:

I just wanted to make a post in case you had come here looking for them.


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