I attended the CA Libertarian Party convention on April 28th & 29th – I gave a talk on Social Media & Libertarianism, and took a bunch of photos – Like Judd Weiss, I tend to carry a camera around and try to make these nerds look good. 😉

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Per my usual LP state conference attendance:

Someone was kind enough to actually give me $30 in exchange for a headshot at the convention. This is NOT a requirement (I may be charging in NOLA to recoup costs, but this was just me snapping along), but small donations are always appreciated.

I reduce my normal speaking fees substantially for Libertarian Party conferences specifically, as a personal favor to a Party I’ve been involved with my entire life. You’re like family to me – family that sometimes drives me crazy, but I can’t help but love.

IF you want to contribute a tip for your headshot, I’m totally grateful for it, and that money specifically will be going towards getting me to New Orleans for the National Convention. If not, your good will is always appreciated, and feel free to use these shots for your profiles, or in any other context you wish.

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