I’ve Created A Patreon

A number of people have been requesting for a while that I make a Patreon.

It’s a weird thing for me, to request money from random folks rather than direct clients, but I do appreciate that having a place for people to contribute voluntarily if they like my work would be useful to them and valuable to me.

But what do I do consistently? I used to write regularly for The Libertarian Republic (unpaid), though I don’t regularly anymore. I’m planning articles for numerous other outlets, most of which are unpaid or low-paying. I travel a lot and share that journey with writing and videos and stories. I rarely but occasionally make videos. I do podcasts and interviews. I do speeches and appear on panels at conferences. I take photos at events. I make random social commentary, and more.

It’s hard to sum up in a singular phrase, so I chose “reflections” on Patreon. I like to reflect on the world and then make something – whether commentary or a photo album, that expresses what I’m seeing – sometimes how things are, and sometimes how they should be.

If that’s of interest to you to support, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for your attention, time, and support. You can view my Patreon or sign up to support me here.




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