I flew down to Houston for the Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention on April 13 & 14th, where I spoke on Social Media and Libertarianism on Saturday morning. I was around for Friday night and all day Saturday, and one thing I like to do at LP conferences is get decent head shots of people, since making liberty look good is a mission I adopted from Judd Weiss and have been trying to help assist with ever since.

The photos can be found here.

This was probably the best attended Libertarian Party State Convention I’d ever seen, and I had a fun time and some great conversations. Thank you for the drinks, the meals, the good chats and making me feel tremendously important along the way.

Someone was kind enough to actually hand me $25 in exchange for a headshot at the convention. This is NOT a requirement (I may be charging in NOLA to recoup costs, but this was just me snapping along), but small donations are always appreciated.

I reduce my speaking fees substantially for Libertarian Party conferences specifically, as a personal favor to a Party I’ve been involved with my entire life. You’re like family to me – family that sometimes I can’t stand but always love. 

IF you want to contribute a tip for your headshot, I’m totally grateful for it, and that money specifically will be going towards getting me to New Orleans for the National Convention. If not, your good will is always appreciated, and feel free to use these shots for your profiles, or in any other context you wish.

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