I don’t keep a good public schedule of my events, and it’s unfortunate because I know some people would like to see me when I’m traveling.

So far this year:

  • In January, I spoke at a fundraiser for LP Bexar County in San Antonio TX.
  • In February, I took photos at Anarchapulco in Acapulco, MX.
  • Earlier this month I was at LibertyCon in Washington DC taking photos.

Here’s the upcoming events:

  • LPTX Convention / April 13-15 / Houston / Speaking & Photos
  • LPCA Convention / April 27-29 / Long Beach / Speaking & Photos
  • Libertopia / May 3-6 / San Diego / Speaking & Photos
  • LPNational Convention / June 30-July 3 / New Orleans / Speaking & Photos
  • FreedomFest / July 11-14 / Las Vegas / Speaking & Photos

* if there’s an asterisk, it means I’m not 100% confirmed but very likely.

I will also probably be attending Ephemerisle and Burning Man, though nothing’s confirmed.

Interested in booking me as a photographer or speaker? Shoot me an email (Avens[.]obrien[@]gmail[.]com – remove brackets) or message on Facebook. Most events I charge travel expenses plus a fee based on the time commitment. Happy to discuss.