Sorry for the belated posting of this. I was traveling non-stop. – Avens

“I’m sitting in the main hall of the Libertarian Party National Convention right now, writing this just before the debate starts between five of the LP’s candidates for president.

Yesterday I landed in Orlando, Florida, where over the course of this weekend, I and approximately 1,000 other delegates will choose president and vice president candidates for this year’s election.

This is one of the most exciting years for the Libertarian Party. The Democrats and the Republicans have each managed to select their least likable nominees, and for the first time, many people are paying attention to us as a potentially viable alternative option.

We also have an incredible roster of candidates. At the convention there are six candidates fighting for our nomination, but in terms of polling popularity and national attention, there are three standout candidates this year, and they’re all worthy of attention and consideration.”

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