“On Sunday, the Libertarian Party selected its ticket. Governor Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee, and Governor William Weld as their vice presidential nominee. I was there, and yes, I was on a different “team.” I watched both win on the second ballot, but not by large margins. Johnson only won 55% of the 928 votes, and Weld only 50.5%. Weld won because Johnson pretty much begged us to nominate him. This was not a mandate. This was what appeared to be a begrudging majority. I didn’t vote for either candidate and I’m not going to pretend I’m thrilled with the results.

The fact is, the Libertarian Party is experiencing some growing pains. This convention was the most attended in the party’s history. The world is actually looking at us, since the major parties have opted to choose some of the universally least likable candidates as their nominees. People are flocking in from the left and the right, and the LP is deciding what it wants to be when it grows up.”

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