I am getting on a plane tonight to attend Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico. I’m bringing my Sony camera set up (lovingly gifted by Judd Weiss), and am the official photographer of the event (there will be a few of us taking pictures, but I’m committed to really capturing the entire event).

This is exciting for me, and I look forward to sharing the shots.

In the meantime, I wanted to link to the albums of work I’ve done for liberty events so far.

Click to see:

I have to credit Judd Weiss for his guidance. I’ve been a second shooter on a number of his albums (for most of them only contributing a couple of pictures, others more) and his support, lessons and gifts have given me a new hobby I love sharing with others.

YAL California Convention 2016


Voice & Exit 2015


Liberty Forum 2014


(This was a picture by me but Judd had tagged them with his watermark when he published ’em.)