“Now the subject is back in the news, and this libertarian feminist certainly feels that this instance of gender equality means individuals being treated equally in the eyes of the law regardless of their gender. I think it’s perfectly valid to observe that women are the ones with the advantage in this situation (because the same sexism that “protects” women in this instance considers men to be disposable) and that liberty and equality will be achieved by striking down Selective Service registration entirely, not by equally oppressing women as much as men.

We have an all-volunteer military force, but there’s a constant, underlying threat — not from enemies outside, but from our own government, that our fathers, sons, brothers, husbands could be sent away to fight in a war against their will. That in the eyes of the state, they’re disposable.

The military could be considering advising Congress to change policy and include women in Selective Service registration, and hey, if there’s a registration, there’s no reason women shouldn’t be included as well: except the same reason men shouldn’t be.”

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