“There’s a common feminist quote by Margaret Atwood I’ve said in the past, that “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them”. With the increasing frequency of a thing called carceral feminism, I am genuinely concerned that this has changed to “women are afraid men will kill them, men are worried women will send them to prison and ruin their lives forever”. Let’s be clear – there are some outrageous cases of violence against women, particularly following harassment, so it’s not like fear is totally unreasonable. But it’s about time we recognize that some men are starting to get scared too.

The experiences of women are not good when they fear men. The experiences of men are not good when they fear women. The experiences of transgender and non-gender-binary individuals are not good when they live in fear either. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear takes away our ability to reason and to logic, and to be the superior animals on this planet that we have evolved to be.”

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